Come Inside My Room Testo

Testo Come Inside My Room

(DH = Dave Hollister ... FV = Female voice) [DH] *laughs* [FV] What you laughin' at? [DH] Oh man, so you say you wanna be down, huh? [FV] Yes baby, all the way down [DH] I don't know, nah... So what, you think you can hang? [FV] After tonight, you'll be wondering if YOU can hang [DH] I don't know about that *door opens* [FV] From the back baby? [DH] C'mon, c'mon 1 - [Dave] Come inside my room We can do whatever you like But girl, make sure it's nasty And you gotta make sure it's tight Come inside my room Girl, I hope you got it deep Gotta be nice and freaky If you wanna swing with me When you get in my room baby, I ain't tryin' to play Cuz you know my steelo, I gets busy all damn day Night time is the best time Cuz the freaks come out at night So if you ain't freaky Then baby, this room for you ain't right Repeat 1 Come inside my room... [FV] Yeah.. Hmmm.. [DH] Yeah So what's up, you wanna try me? [FV] What you think? [DH] Aiight But you better come wit it Ya know what I'm sayin'? [FV] I got this, come on [DH] Now close the door *door closes*