Keep Forgettin' Testo

Testo Keep Forgettin'

I keep forgettin were not in love anymore, I keep
Forgettin that things will never be the same again, ooh
I keep forgettin how you made that so clear
I keep forgetting baby

[Verse 1:]
Everytime that your near
Everytime I see your smile
Hear your hello, saying that you can only stay awhile
Girl I know that it is hard for you
To say the things we both know are true tell me how come I


[Verse 2:]
Everytime I hear
How you never want to live a lie
See know it's gone to far, and you don't have to tell me why
See now your gone and the game is through if this is what's real
If that is what true (baby all you have to do is tell me what the hell is
Going on)
Tell me how come I...

[Chorus x2]

Never be the same, no, no
We'll never be, never be the same again
[Repeat and fade]