Keep Lovin' You Testo

Testo Keep Lovin' You

And I'm a keep loving you,
And I'm a keep holding you,
No matter what the, sit-u-a-tion is, I'm for you,
No matter how hard, I have to climb,
No matter how low, I have to go, I'm gonna love you, (I)
I'm gonna love you, (This is how I feel),

[Verse 1:]
Baby you're my love, my everythang,
You are my soal, the only thang,
That can make me feel the way, I do,
Like I ain't Got noth-ing to loose,
I ain't gotta care in, the world,
Cause I know I'm your man, you're my girl,
They can say what they wanna say,
Cause I know it ain't gone change a thang,

I'm a Keep loving you (o no question),
I'm a keep holding you, (baby no doubt),
No matter what the sit-u-a-tion is I'm for you, (for you, yea),
No matter how hard I have to climb, No matter how low I have to go, I'm gonna love(I'm gonna love you yea),
I'm gonna love you,

[Verse 2:]
You're the only one I need in my life, (My life!),
Loving you is wrong and I don't wanna be right,
Best thing that happened to me, Everything about you girl is made to be,
(You're like my sun my rain), My Rain! (Y