My Favourite Girl Testo

Testo My Favourite Girl

IntroI'd like to dedicate this ringTo my favourite girlI know I haven't been the most perfect man everBut I love youGod knows I doVerse 1Ohh yeahWhy... whyummmmmWhat's wrong with your shady assWaking me up early in the mornin' still yawningDon't you know a nigga has seenSo why the hell you keep on paging meI told you once beforeI'm gon' say it once again don't you call no moreMy girl is lying next to meDo you think this is a game whay you testing meYou keep on stressing meChorusCan't keep callin' meAll night long just constantlyInteruppting can't you seeI'm with my favourite girlWhat's that shit you onTalkin' 'bout my baby's MomWhen she's here laying in my armsShe is my favourite girlVerse 2I saw you round my wayRiding by my crib just the other dayThe order of protection was restraining meI couldn't take the chance of someone naming meYou tryina frame meLeave my aloneCallin' me and hangin' up cause wifey's homeHow d'you get my number in the first placeCause it ain't even listed under my nameBridgeYou call meAnd your tellin' methat you wantin'meAnd You needin' meCause you lonelyAnd you can't seeHow I could be with another threeAt TCH and and that sheCould never be my wifeyWhy can't you see it wasn't meant for you and me(You're so damn crazy girl)Your crazyif you thinkin I'll never need my BabyMy ladyMy only oneWho was ther for meWho cares for meMy destiny Whoknows the thing'sThat's best for meBut you can't seeIt's ecstasyWhat will only mean the world to meChorus (ad libs)OutroOhhhLeave me aloneLeave me aloneLeave me aloneGotta goStop callin' me!Why don't you(Why don't you just leave me alone)let me be...I can't take no morenoThink I need alittle helpStevie J play it for me{Guitar solo}OhhhhhYou can't keep callin' meChorus (ad libs)Bridge[To Fade]