Yo Baby's Daddy Testo

Testo Yo Baby's Daddy

Everybody ready?

Been together for a little while
And I knew that you had child
When I first met ya girl
It was cool
Knew that you were special to me
We were makin' all kinds of plans
Takin' walks and holdin' hands
Thinkin' 'bout the future
You and I would have together

But your baby's dad
He don't wanna see you happy
So that means no you and me
He's talkin' on the telephone
Won't let it be
Talkin' that shit about me
What am I to do about it baby?

1 - He say that he don't care 'bout us
He miss his son
And he wanna come around
But when he do, he stresses you
'Bout what you do

Just to start a fight

2 - Yo' baby's daddy
He's always trippin'
He don't wanna let it be
Can't stand seein' you happy
Tryin' to break up you and me
But I won't let him
Yo' baby's daddy
Always gotta fuck with me

Say it again, now

Repeat 2

(With me)
I'm tired, upset, I'm mad
He got me so angry
When I heard what he said about me, baby
He's tellin' you
That I'm tryin' to
Take away his son
And you know that is a lie

Repeat 1

Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

(With me)
Stop... Now bounce

Tired of that man
He don't wanna leave us alone, no
He don't wanna see you happy baby
He didn't want you when he was with you, but now
Now you got your thang goin' on
He wanna tear it apart, yeah
Why don't he leave us alone?