Oblivion Testo

Testo Oblivion

Hello again, Oblivion
Can you find the frequency
While the specters hover whispering
Yeah I guess you probably could
If you were really any good
You sold yourself a trope
But then the dollar broke

Hello again, Oblivion
But it's no good to complain
Of fatigue and existential pain
On a six-week solo drive
While your friends work 9 to 5
What really threw me off
Is that all these years I thought
I'd work it out

Did you sing it like it is
Cause you really thought it'd pack 'em in
Cause your kids are growing up
And you still don't make enough
Hold on to what you've got
Though it may not be a lot
Cause now is not the time for second thoughts

You believe in it
Now it's time to follow through
You believe in it
What does that say about you?