Missouri Testo

Testo Missouri

(Verse 1)
November's almost over,
The gentle winter's on the way.
Still I sit here on this balcony,
and smoke my brain away,
Waiting on that phone to ring.
Wondering which day that it will be.

Oh Carrie I pray one day you'll go back home,
To the warmth of Southern Georgia where you belong,
And leave all the pain you've felt from me,
here in Missouri.

(Verse 2)
Oh you were just a young girl,
and I swore I could change.
Every day that you forgive me,
is just another one you'll waste.
You came here in search of something true.
I ???? your searching isn't through.


It's hard to think that everything around her.
To know that won't be happy ever after.

(Repeat Chorus x2)