Sav It Out To The Extreme Testo

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Testo Sav It Out To The Extreme

(feat. Big Tone)

[Davina's Verse:]
U Can't Hold Me Down.... I'm Risin' From The Bottom To The Top....
N I'm Gon' Be
Around- Aint Goin' Nowhere N I Won't Stop....
If Ya Thinkin' U Can Keep Me From My Life Long Dream- U Better
Think Twice About Playin' With My Life-
Just Let Me Sing.... Ooh- Don't Fuck With Me..
.. Don't Talk If U Don't Know Me- Watch The Words U Speak....
Cuz Where I'm From U Will Get Smashed For Talkin' Down On Me....
N I Been Known To Take This Shit
To The Extreme.... Give Respect Where Respect
Is Due- Recognize Real If Ya Knowin' The Deal- Cuz Its Right In
Front Of U.... This Is As Real As U Will
Get N What I Say Is True.... N I'ma Sav It Out- I Thought Ya Knew....

If I Sav It Out I Can't Go Wrong- Hold It Down N Stand Strong....
Can't Stop- Won't Stop- It's The Same Ol' Song- That I Been Singin'
For So Long.... It's My Life-
Don't Try To Bring Me Down....
I'ma Do My Thang N Sav It Out.....

[Big Tone's Verse:]
Sav It Out.... What It Is- I'm A Latin Bay Sav- Back Bone Baby
Gangsta Spittin' Savage On A Track.... Bring It Back To Them Old
School Ways- Sav It Out We Live The Life- Babygirl Done Came
Along N Wreckin' Shop Up On The Mic- Shine The Light Up On A Star-
Sav It Out Is What We Are- Davina Bless The Vocals On A Beat
That's Extra Hard- Kev Knocks Let It Rain- I'm A Big Block Sav-
Bitchmade Cowards Jealous- Hatin' On The Shit We Have- Antioch
To Fremont- Some O' The Finest From The Bay- Where We
From Ma'Fuckas Fon't Mess Around N Play- Yeah My Blood Line's Sick-
I Was Laced In The Yay- Pit Bulls- Twelve Gauges- Turn My Raps Into
Pay- See My Strategies Are Simple- Put Some Talent On A Beat-
Mix It Down N Spread The Word N Flood The C.D.'s On The Streets-
Sav It Out Is What We Do- That's A Label And A Code-So Respect It
Punkrock Before I Turn To Murder Mode....

[Repeat Hook:]

[Davina's Verse:]
Born N Raised In Northside Fremont- Calif-Orn-I-A.... I Put It Down For
My Town N The Homies All Around- Northern Cali N The Bay.... Those
That Know Me Always Told Me I Would Make It One Day- N I Got
Somethin' For Ya Haters- Stay The Fuck Up Out My Way!.... I Aint Playin
When I'm Sayin' The Last Laugh Is Mine- Cuz From Day One My Daddy
Knew That I Would Shine.... It Aint Over- I Aint Stoppin'- Cuz I'Ve Only
Just Begun.... N I'm Not Givin' Up- I'm Livin' For My Son.... I Look Into His
Eyes N The Purpose Of My Life- It All Makes Sense.... I Gota Push N
Strive- My Loyalty Lies With My Family And My Friends And All The
Homeboys And The Homegirls Showin' Love For Me- Fulfill Your
Dreams N Sav It Out To The Extreme....

[Repeat Hook:]

It's My Life Don't Try To Bring Me Down.... I'ma Do My Thang N Sav It Out....