My Life Lies In Ruins Testo

Testo My Life Lies In Ruins

Hush - don't say a word.
They do not get us.
Wait - I see them arrive.
They try to catch us.

No one sees, no one cares.
No sends a helping sign.
We are all on our own.
Still we try to get by.
We believe in ourselves.
And we will be strong.

We are so far away from home, my brother.
Stealing food out of the trash can.

That is my future and this is my past.

This was not meant to be
No, this ain't my life.
Come - come closer to me
Our parents left us.

Raised on the street like a dog.
Even left without a bone, I am tired.
They never cared.

I feel hate, I feel pain.
Someday I will go insane, I am mad.
How could they leave us?
For all the sorrow that we feel.
We have only names to blame.

This is my future and this is my past.
My life lies in ruins, I've lost my belief.
Pray to the one that I once have called God.
But even you have left me, once again I'm on my own.

All tears are cried now.
My heart is chained by stones.
Don't you know what you've done to us?
Still I'm in anger.
Still I'm in agony.
Do you ever hear my screams?

This is my future...