Here Today, Guano Tomorrow Testo

Testo Here Today, Guano Tomorrow

Bill and Tammy Bakker were messengers of God and the Bank of America
Tammy sprays on some makeup, pops some downers and says this must be heaven
Jim is in the bedroom converting hookers on a mattress full of money
Meanwhile another 1000 people make their beds with death and misery and starvation

They were here
Here for today
But they'll be guano
Guano tomorrow

Now it's Reverend Fallwell's church and he has the need for a little more money
It will cost a lot to eliminate rock and stamp out the international threat of communism
Mister Reagan and Gorbachev will let us fight like animals in a barnyard
While they play the roles of the farmer the butches, the distributor, and the consumer

The world is full of humanitarians killing each other for a piece of the human pie
Where everybody is right and nobody is wrong and many are downtrodden
These people call me a cretin 'cause i get a little spittle in their eye
And they don't care much for us Dayglos sittin' around and toasting to the end of time

We are here
Here for today
But we'll be guano
Guano tomorrow