A Pyre Laid For Image And Frame Testo

Testo A Pyre Laid For Image And Frame

Well I've watched the way that time erodes
All the chances for taking different roads
And I stood there waiting patiently
For someone to care about what happened to me
And I felt in times of loneliness
That I could raise up but could never express
How fragile are these harmonies
That once you're within them
You can't live without them
You're never gonna live this life again
Maybe it's less than you wanted
Maybe it starts when you start letting go

Well it's complicated everywhere
It never lets up, no one is ever spared
Standing on the edge of cliffs
Before you feel it you fucking slipped
And before my lungs take their last breath
I gotta face up to what I can't accept
My expectations always fail me
The things that I need
I didn't know what I wanted

Well I can not resign myself to let it all slip away
Sit here and bang my head against the wall
I hope time is all I lost along the way