Inquiring Minds Should Read A Book Testo

Testo Inquiring Minds Should Read A Book

So tired of looking at the front page,
Watching actors on the news
And I can't stand this anymore,
If I ever could before,
This culture's become deformed
Just like a child with a toothache
We take our candy with a grin.
Before we notice the decay
We're doubled over from the pain,
And some of us still want more
And a moment to reflect.
Now watch the vulture's hungry eyes
Feed on our lives
Till nothing else remainds
Just a shell of what we had,
Another cruel indifferent fad,
And no one to take the blame
Time's ticking on the worth of a stranger
Yeah, I'm waiting on the next one too.
Entertained by other's misery
Do we care? I doubt it,
Can't live without it
We laugh while others lose