Like Eye Contact In An Elevator Testo

Testo Like Eye Contact In An Elevator

Don't get me wrong but I gotta believe
There's something going on here that I can't see
You're mouth's moving, and sounds coming out
But I don't have a clue what you're talking about

I can't explain how I am the one
Who has to sit and listen while you're flapping your gum's
The more I pull back, the tighter the chain
I'm getting dumber every minute
But I can't get away

Paralyzed from the neck up

I know the way but I am lost
Forcing down these explosions
Of bitterness and apathy
I try hard to care but I just don't succeed
Feigning a smile and a knowing glance
Hope these eyes aren't betraying
My heart was never in this fight
I closed all the doors and blocked out all the light

I got no energy to humor you know
It's taking all I got to just not turn around
My mind's tuned out every word that you said
I may still look alive but I'm as good as dead