Keep It Up Testo

Testo Keep It Up

I'd say that,
We've become nothing,
And everything that we've ever worked for,
Has gone right down the drain,

Just do whatever's easy
Just do whatever,
We both know you don't need me,

Lets keep it up,
Let's fall apart again for things we say,
Keep it up,
Lets fall in love again, you knew we would someday.

Those we're the days,
Those were the happy times that can't,

Come back,

These words I write,
Because they need to be,
They're just as safe outside,
as the we're inside of me,

Lets keep it up baby,

Sing with me,
Stay right,
Here with me,
You need to be.

Let's say the things we swore we'd never say,
Let's do the things we swore we'd never do someday