Yourself As Someone Else Testo

Testo Yourself As Someone Else

Did you ever feel that there's somebody else
Who controls our lives and guides our way?
Someone who would love a life of one or another,
Perceiving smiles of faces with unfamiliar names.
My blurred vision couldn't see what was right in front of me.
What was right in front of me.

Grey seemed matching to my frame of mind.
Head full of clouds and angry eyes.

We disregard the real heart
Choose elegance as a satisfaction
Where does it lead us? Tell me where it will lead us.
Where do we go from here.

Strangers come alive at night when colors try to hide
As long as we will fight for a new day, for a better day.

Now the sky will lead the way.
Even when you feel like running away
Or knowing that everything will be okay,
To not follow what everyone says.

I'll touch what you saw in color,
But to me it's just a part of my path.
And I'll make sure it's undercover,
Cause you won't take this all in.

I watched the blind see what others can't witness.
Seen the eyes of thousands, broke and helpless.
I heard the deaf listen to the change of tomorrow.
What does it take to overcome the fear and sorrow?

Will we ever lighten up?
Will we ever comprehend our meaning in life?
My soul, my soul, my soul will lighten up the sky.