Invisible Testo

Testo Invisible

Has anyone seen the truth?
Does anyone know what it is?
Does anybody know how to find the truth
And tell it from a lie?
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?
Is it possible
If it's invisible?

What we know is what we like.
What we see is what we expect.
What we tell is what we wish to.
But what we are is truth.
Thinking is the weekest link -
What you are is what you think.
We are invisible.
We are invisible.

We are invisible
To the eyes of the world.
Our deeds - unpredictable,
Our spirit - invincible.

We are invisible
And the secrets we hold
Will stay unperceivable.
Our truth we shall never unfold.

Words cannot describe,
Mirrors cannot show
What is hidden by this changing mask,
Painted by the world.
Master, rebel, slave or clown...
Who's behind them all deep down?
It's impossible.
It's invisible.

Lightening cannot break,
Wind cannot blow away
Those who once escaped their shells to be
One with everything,
Nothing's wrong and nothing's real.
Only Joker wins the deal.
To stay unshapable