Turn On (The Beat Box) Testo

Testo Turn On (The Beat Box)

Maurice White, Rhett Lawrence & Martin Page

Turn on
Have you been thinking nothing ever changes
And you could be making a difference tonight
Why are you waiting - anticipating
Can't find the feeling when you know it's right

* Oh I just want to see you smile
Forget about yesterday
Nothing can stop you now
So what are you waiting for

** Turn on, turn on the beat box baby
We're walking on the party line
Crank it up and let the music
Turn every night into a Saturday night

Whenever you're ready - we'll be rocking each day
You're gonna get lucky - leaving it all behind
Time's ticking away - it's another Saturday
So it's time to bring out on the party line

(* Repeat)
(** Repeat)

*** It's so bright
I know your beat box baby
Are you ready for a good time
So come on move with the feeling
And every night is a Saturday night

Turn on

(** Repeat)
(*** Repeat)

Turn on

(** Repeat)
(*** Repeat)

Beat box - beat box baby (Repeat)