So Good Remix Testo

Testo So Good Remix

(feat. Lil Wayne)

Young mula babbby!
Oooh, oh, oh oh oh oh
How'd I let him come back how'd I let
Him come back
Eh, eh

[Verse 1:]
She wants you, I need you
Please tell me to stay,
She says that she loves you,
Like I love you,
But you that it ain't the same,
We had a fling(fling),
This I know(this I know),
But now we got a thing(we got a thing),
She gotta let you go, (ooooh)

Cause now I'm acting crazy,
I'm out here calling you babe,
I shouldn't have let you hit that
Cause now I can't forget that,
I thought I wouldn't really care much,
But now I've gone all in love,

Don't mean to be a hater,
But oooh shit damn,
Ya so good,
So good,
So good,
So good! ya so good
So good so ooh shit damn,
Ya so good(so good) so good(so good)
So good(so good)
So good! ya so good(so good) so good(so good) so ooh shit damn!

[Verse 2:]
I miss ya, I can taste ya,
Please come back to me, baby lay, in my arms,
And say you'll never leave,
I got a thing, in I kno you don't,
So boy don't play with me, just stay with me
And allow me 2 give you more

My girls all call me crazy, cause I'm out here calling you babe, I should'nthave let you hit that cause now I can't forget that, I thought I wudnt really care much, bt now I gne all in love,


[Lil Wayne:]
Remix babe!, I got dat gud gud, and wen it comes 2 me every woman that cud wud. cause babe I'm elecktric and now your infected, now wat am I 2 do pt u wen u let me, holla at ya boy bt du not loose your voice, and weezy make it moistn(yep)

N they was lik boom ding bam n she was lik oo shit bam I told u I had a girl, n u told me your a badder girl I said hey I ain't tryna argue, I ain't even trippin shawty I'm a call u, n I did, so I can't really blame u babe, cause I did, so we mite as well make it official, lik the reff at whistleat a super bowl game, RED AND WAYNE
OOO DAM it's so good so good so good so good so good ooo shit dam

[Lil Wayne:]
You shudnt let me hit dat cause now you u can't 4get dat
Ooo shit dam it's so goood