Blackened Earth Testo

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Testo Blackened Earth

Another storm is rolling through
An olive branch just hit the ground
I'm not sure I know what to do
The Earth just screamed without a sound
An iron god unlocks his hoard
Men of the cloth take up the sword
Their zealous hatred makes a bid
Their bodies can't afford

Blackened earth and broken walls foretell a grisly scene
In my imagination they are fields of verdant green
The Chaos Wolf has had his way
A thousand victims every day
The sound of children crying makes me think
Is there another way?

The flame of anger burns at night
Just like a watch fire on the hill
The hero longs to pick a fight
At least there's one hole he can fill
Another martyr for the cause
A feral beast unsheathes its claws
Eviscerating hopes for peace
Without a moment's pause

(Will you follow? Or will you lead?)