My Baby (Don't Return My Calls) Testo

Testo My Baby (Don't Return My Calls)

My baby don't return my calls,
No, he don't call me back no more, (don't call me back no more)
Morning, noon, and evening time,
Just wanna make sure he's alright, but
He don't pick up that phone (don't pick up that, aaah aah)
I don't know what I'm to do,
With this little love I have for you.

Tell me baby, what are you up to?
Tell me honey, why can't I get through? (why can't I get through)
All I do is wait around,
I feel so lonesome in this house,
I'm fed up waiting up for you, (waiting up for, aaah, aah)
While you're out misbehaving,
I'm sittin' all alone just craving some of your time.

No, my baby don't pick up that phone,
Always hear that ringin' tone, (always hear that ringin' tone)
Only call ten times a day,
Why does he treat me this way?
Oh, well I just can't let him go, (just can't let him go, ohh, oh)
I know what I've gotta do,
But it doesn't make it easy when I love you,
Don't care if you dare call me a fool,
I'll keep trying to get on through to you.