Aura Sentium: Concord Of Ember And Zephyr Testo

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Testo Aura Sentium: Concord Of Ember And Zephyr

Eternities pass... Titian returns...
Embers and Zephyr follow him
The Ritual has been completed
The pact with death has now been silenced
As Titian returns...
To the Earth-grounds

"As I descend from the realm of souls
The murderous Amethyst follows me
Her embers left death in her wake
As sunrise became an adaptation once more..."

Titian returns to his old merging grounds
Where he and Amethyst has created new souls
From dead carcasses, to lifeless pale weights
No death was spared, they only brought life.
But now as he wanders, through these fields,
Attempting to create...
A death-hungry goddess cursed and scarred
Stalks him in the night, killing all that he makes....

The sunrise has come...
And Titian turns his obsidian eyes away in disgust.

"A Journey deep into the grounds
Wherein the beautiful body of Amethyst
Turned to obsidian
As I return here, I sight a silhouette..."

[Screams of Torture's past]

"If that embodiment is not Amethyst...
Then where are you?!
Where are you Aura Amethyst?!
This corpse I hold in my arms
Laced with obsidian patterns
It reflects those upon my eyelids..."

Titian emerges from the harrowing pit
He sights the doppelganger Amethyst
His eyes fill with rage, as he curses the skies
His eyes of dried onyx reflect the sun

He confronts, this murderous imposter
As a betrayed, tortured soul
He gazes upon her alluring visage
Knowing full well that it is deceptive...

"You are not the one I seek,
Your murderous kind is not for this world...
One more slaughter...
One more righteous murder-deed!"

Petrified between twin eyes...
The Amethyst wight lied paralyzed
As Titian lunged his might
Into her deceptive soul...

"The doppelganger is gone....
Where is my true Amethyst?"

Upon the horizons...
A silhouette rises...
Her beautiful body
reflects upon light...
A familiar sight to Titian.
He raises his head -- The true Amethyst!

"We embrace each one another's souls...
We shall never be apart again...
We release pure ecstasy among each other
We worship our auras like flesh-eidolons

We shall never be apart again
We give birth to another
An Aura of Rubicon..."