Dialing Drunk Testo

Testo Dialing Drunk

All their lives, I've been searching for the cure
Please, how can I ever heal you from the pain that you endured?
Why am I unable?
Is it because I am the source?
A seed over time can bear a tree
That blocks the light from shining in

I can feel the ground is sinking
I can see you cutting ties
I close my eyes and try to see the olive branch or the dove
Ask the heavens up above
Hey, why doesn't love conquer everything? Mmm
I thought I heard you singing

And all along I guess I knew I'd pay the cost
I was asleep while driving
And when faith is blind
You can't help gettin' lost
I don't know what I was thinking
I tried to let go for just a while
But this feels like exile
It could just be the alcohol in my blood
It's rushing through me like a flood
Dialing drunk to say, my love
You're more than anything, mmm