This Time Testo

Testo This Time

Everything is coming down And I can't find my way around this town anymore. So I walked out the door and waited for you to come. But I couldn't figure out what it was for. So now I'm looking out still waiting for you to come, and it seems like I can't do anything to help you. But I'm doing it all wrong. I don't wanna be here anymore, but I can't do it for you that's not what it's for. And I don't wanna look at the stars one more time, and I think I can do it and I'll be fine. I said I'm not giving it to you this time It's for God, nothing more, and I think I'll be fine. You tied these strings around me and choked me up to where I couldn't feel anything, and I just wanna move. I can't sit here anymore, I'm so sick of the floor, there's just something more. He's going back there, back where, everyone's got a line, but if there's no love I don't want it this time. I don't wanna fight it anymore, so here I am, and I'm not yours. I said I don't wanna do it for you this time.