Fat Girl Grenade Testo

Testo Fat Girl Grenade

Listen up guys we're on a mission
We're fish'n, and wish'n for some hotties with a body like venus
I seen us, blow it when we went ta' score
(Every Damn Night!)
Because there is no I in Team,
I mean, how many times have we buckled on the scene
With two or three hotties and a fatty
We had the, hotties on our jock, but the fatty got catty!

She was bitter cause she got straight dissed
She was get'n bored, and pissed, ignored, so listen!
Somebody's got ta' take one for the team
I mean, a screen
ya' know somebody's got ta' run it
cause fat girls need love too (Its true!)
So lets row sham bow for the big'n,
yer wig'n
Paper beats rock so you're swig'n
Get'n faded for yer run cover play, I say
Don't be mad cause its yer duty (Yes sir!)
You throw flack so we can go and get the booty
It's a war yo, and sacrifice is key!
(Roll it in flower dog!)

Fat girls I see em' all around me
I think they're try'n ta' drown me
cause ya' know I'm swim'n in obesity
Greasy french fries
swell'n up your thys
Cottage cheese on your back side
the mirror doesn't lie
Ya' know I don't mind a little cushion for the push'n
I never hesitate ta' get that maximum mush'n
I got my beer goggles on and now I'm go'n for it
(Dude! She's like 350 pounds!)
That ain't shit!
People always diss'n me, cause I like em' big
My ex-girl was a mutherfuck'n pig
I'll put a chicken wing, on a string
and drag it down my hallway
just ta' make them follow me
to my bedroom, uh oh no
I've got ta' make room
so they fit through my doorway
I spend my free time, diet center hop'n
That's where I do my fat girl shop'n
People treat fat girls like the plague
but if not for Jenny Craig, I'd probably never get laid
Fat blonds got ta' get they mack on
Just like every red head
bigger than a tool shed, go ahead!