Dopegame Testo

Testo Dopegame

[Verse 1:]
I'm outta this world here comes the future I send my goons to shoot ya
While I'm two seatin' Porsche coupin' still ballin' like I'm loopin'
The traveller the globe trotter there goes ya girl I got here
She want me to swing down and let here ride but I told her I'll holla
She put the cash in my passenger seat, I had the bank in
Ten thousand, nothin' but Ben Franklins
I'm still browsin' big rims through the ghetto housin'
I'm givin' money to the kids and call it hood allowance
And I don't feel right unless I'm countin'
Big face green paper while ya cheques is bouncin'
And these kicks ain't right unless they thirty-two ounces
The people callin' me the king they all beggin' to crown him
I'm on the run gettin' chased by the bounty they all tryna surround me
But I escaped and shaked a case in they county
Plus my enemies was tryna down me, it was a wild night
I had to paint 'em the same color as my brake lights

We love countin' money we earn
We got money to burn
The gun'll leave you in the dirt wid the worms
Now ya carried by six and ya whole family's sick
Throwin roaches on the coffin as you sink in the earth

[Verse 2:]
She told me that she haven't gave head in years
Fed-X Fifty States was an amazin' kid
Had sex in the red Lex blowin' my wig
I'm at the light, rims shine bright so they bite
It's buck fifty I hold the key to ya city
Ya mayor's paid off and ya block is mine
Ya coke won't move cause ya work's paralyzed
Stepped on to many times and ya coppin' it skyhigh
I'm flossin', ya chick need to tick wid me
Sent a message to the bar she wanna sex wid me
But it ain't my fault ya goodies I bagged 'em
I move swift on a bad bitch I'm more like a magnet
I pimped 'em, put 'em on the track and all
Internet escort dog I cyber ball
It's Fed-X Fifty States and you can get it for sure
In the pen or even clapped in court motherfucka

[HOOK x2]

[Verse 3:]
In eighty-five all I remember was cash and cars
They used to call my pops Chief and my unc's was a star
A little kid my age said he needed a job
So I put him on the roof and told him look for the cops
Richmond Steelers, this is the blues my god
Killers born everyday alotta soldiers done died
They used to get they shoe shined by grey head old time
Who used to talk about the streets but never fucked wid the crime
Yeh they cameras on me the pictures they takin' 'um
The first time I shipped a kick I had funny feelin'
They watchin', I check my watch so I could clock 'em
I'm movin' fast paced but I be damned if I catch a case
So many races out there workin' for me
This is business on top of business in my hood I'm known as Lil D
I got them pretty feet under the couper
Still movin' through the streets tryna fill my looter

[HOOK x2]