Never Over Testo

Testo Never Over

(feat. Ampachino)

[Verse 1: Ampachino]
Yo the club packed what it do what it do
You could go in the parking lot pimp do what ya do
Sippin' on bottles of blue and bottles of gold
Blowin' purp in the V.I. wid some modelling hoes
Yo when the drinks come make sure the bottles is cold
Follow my lead mammy talkin' bout swallowin' me
I got my gun in the club but I'm ready to fight
And my watch and my chain look just like a strobe light
So Fed said he got four hoes that's gon' dyke
I got four to match it's gon' be a long night
We ballin' cuzzin' it look like I pitch for the White Sox
Put my chain in her Remy she wanted it on the rocks
She, wanted to dance she felt the gun in my pants
I'm holdin' her hands hold on ma' I ain't yo man
By the way where ya friends, this shit about to end
Fed pulled up in a Benz wid a set of twins what it do

[HOOK: Sample looping]

[Verse 2: Fed-X]
It's the god I'm so high let's fly away on a G-4
It's fifty states I'm place to placee they want more
And praise the Lord they wanna bow to the king
I'm your honor the new dude mister Forbes magazine and still,
Debiassi when I answer my cell phone corporate
Big business skyscraper stackin' large paper
Gotta get 'em we gotta get 'em we get them what
The ninety-one H-K'll make yo hood duck
I floss wid dimes you move wid a hood slut
My whips custom you waitin' on ya good luck
Yeh, it's real


[Verse 3: Fed-X]
Come on, you know I'm just that dude
And I'm just so cool plus my mouth so rude
It's the don they say I'm godzilla and king kong
Gorilla wid a fifty cal in Cali they love me
Sewers or the streets you know the hoods they dug me
I put it in the air and now ya girl wanna trust me
She rub me they wanna kiss on the god body
Ya whores wanna rape this, prince in a spaceship
So taste this white stuff on ya facelift
The groupies wanna take over huggin' on a god's poster
I push off in a concept these bitches wet
The world is mine my watch is full of begets
The chain hang to my designers ya honors my name
Like half a mil I'm in the bizness not in the game