Immerse Testo

Testo Immerse

Put down your fists boy lets strip this right down
It's not about you and her
what the fuck did I do did I deserve such a shit friendship in the first place
we were fools for thinking you were any better than this
you think this is hard now
I hope you don't think you can support our group again.

My feelings of such desperation tearing through the only game I know how to play
It's not such a terrible outcome
delivering everything you fucking deserve.

Prospects are running thin.
I've been dragged down one last time
will never forget the day that the shit hit the fan
It's a long way down from here
taste the floor boy where you deserve to be.

Breathe for yourself again as they bring you to your knees
it stalls the motion
as they bring you to your knees.
Your jealousy seems false to me I don't know how you can be
like this scurvy when your screwing with our lives
has it never crossed your mind that we must survive
never trusted these games you played
why did you think that I kept pushing you away
I know what your worth boy and I know that if I want to survive
I need to mould my life.

Do it one more time, just one more time
I'm going to gut you like the pig that you are
its not enough to see you hit the floor
I'm leaving you gutless to show the whole world what your worth
show me what your worth.

Break down the answers and you will see
there's nothing left of this mother-fucking you and me bitch
I'm done treading through your disarray
when I was granted such sovereignty