Tusks Of Silver Testo

Testo Tusks Of Silver

Through the years, we've devoured all the others.
Kings were slain as our anchors sank.
Now we've risen through ten miles of earth, to reign again.

Crusaders storming through your gates.
Taking the capital!

Tusks of silver are engraving your name into the stone walls of dexterity

As the storm front screams the names of ancestors long forgotten,
I hold the cold steel against my chest.
My path was drawn out long ago for me in in those diamond stars,
I'll ride the stallions until the end of my days.

A preface to my eternal victory. I will remain true to my ancient holy blade.

Lightning races across the broken sky,
As we roar into the seas of endless daggers

Down the mountainside we charge a blazing fire in our eyes, it's destiny,
born into the world to desecrate. and as i watch the bodies mount i graze my
fingers over my chin. The dogs of time have ripped through my skin, replacing
peaceful melodies of serenity with the bitter taste of age. Vibrant colors spew from
the mouths of our foes