Bolistic Testo

Testo Bolistic

cyber star; "boy you make me go crazy-a" Cyber witch; "the way I feel when I'm with you (oh)" 2*kool; "it's amazian" Cyber witch; "when you touch my face, I can feel your warm embrace" Cyber star; "it makes me feel so lucky to be with you" 2*kool; "and I know that we're gonna be together forever (baby)" 2*kool & cyber witch; "so say you'll always love me" Chorus All; "bolistic Can't get you out of my mind Bolistic I think about you all the time Bolistic Cuz boy you are so fine Bolistic I'm gonna make you mine Bolistic You're always in my dreams (yeah) Cyber star; "(oh yeah) I'm goin bolistic" Cyber witch; "over you" All; "bolistic over you" 2*kool; "when you speak to me, My legs, they get all shaek-a" Cyber star; "i never wanna be with anyone else but you, So say that you feel the same way too" 2*kool & cyber star; "cuz boy I'm goin bolistic" (chorus) Jp; "i know yall goin bolistic I mean hey who can blame you all the girls love me" Ac; "i even got my own fan club where the hot chicks hang all over me and I get the attention 24/7" Ac & jp; "but the only thing that would make my life complete is you (yah,yah)" Cyber star; "cuz boy I can't breath with out you" All; "so say that you want me too and that you'll be mine forever (baby)" (repeat chorus 4x)