Overtime Testo

Testo Overtime

Yeah I remember you
Of course I do
How could I ever forget?
Look at you
So you don't do to impress
So you don't do stress
Then you copy tested
All that attention
Don't need to mention
Plenty to pick from
And I see how you rocking
There is just no stopping
And you make head spin yeah
And it's not that you're trying
You're just up flying
I have to upload you
Cause you do what you do
You got nothing to prove
But everybody's watching
From your walk in the room
You light up the room
And the eagle eyes zoom in
They're trying to capture you
... with their power
But you are so immune
You smile at me
I smile at you
I'll see you soon
You're making me wait
Making me wait [repeats]
Making me work overtime for you baby
And I fall for you

See everybody wants you
Everybody loves you
Who's gonna free you? Me
I can see that is tiring
Or maybe retiring
I can feel that you're over
They just don't know it yet
What you're gonna do babe
You can leave out on the back door
That's why is here for
Meet you with my face
I might jump in the gun
Are you really having fun
See you... your eyes
There is no need for lies
See baby I got your
I'm your guardian angel
I just wanna help you
You take my hand
I touch your heart
I just wanna heal you


I can give you a rub down
While you give me the run down
Of all you have been through
Cause you are you baby
It will make you feel better
Just being together
We've done this forever
I'll help you remember baby