Agony And Ecstasy Testo

Testo Agony And Ecstasy

[Verse 1: Frankenstein]

Watch me chill
Wether the song is still shining bright rhyming
Climbing through these galaxies and stars
Universal nazi's want sun and quasar
Frankenstein Divine
Coordinative verbal energy
From agony to ecstasy we penetrating mentally
Generated, my style long anticipated
While you get old we coming through
We juvenated
Fresh and innovated with the shit that's mad selective
We rocking for a profit then collect the whole percentage
Never sit still
Instead we build to find glory
With the ill-type script
Created from the laboratory
Same shit different story
Black-black I keep telling 'em
New world order
Taking over this millennium
2000 years go on by
But yet it's still strange
You went from diamond-glory groupies
To be chasin' paper dreams
Some times it seems
That this world's messed up, corrupt
Word up
Let's turn this mutherfucker up

[Chorus by Afrolistic x2:]

From agony to ecstasy
Watch the drama unfold
And when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold
Take you over like Jehovah
Mind, body and soul
And when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold

[Verse 2: Frankenstein]

It's all about us on this futuristic mission
Don't even sweat my shit last year you would listen
For some thoughts for the mind
Recline and watch me shine from bright light to dark night
I be writing for my kind but
I'm going satile with this knowledge I breathe
And fallen lives meet the death
Where we really can see
This life's a full cycle black
You can't deny
These thoughts in the words and then they liquify
Rhymes drip like water in vocabulairy sense
Kids will run home start their own chants
Advance from the past seem to go too fast
And things that were once supposed will findin' harder to grasp
At last my mind ships and my brain exports
And visions from within open new doors
The world is yours
I used to think but not really
I hear it all the time
>From the tries sake to feel me
Nonetheless some stress
And make my way to my rest
See the TO. is the planet is flex
Take my advice on life
If you hear nobody else was the planet understanded
And you have Knowledge Of Self

[Chorus x2]

From agony to ecstasy
Watch the drama unfold
Takin' your ass ova
Like Jehovah
Mind, body and soul
Afro with Frankenstino
If you didn't know you know
Word up