Quiet Strom Testo

Testo Quiet Strom

(feat. Static)

[Verse 1: Frankenstein]

Enter the danger zone
Grab the mic and watch me do it
Cause everytime I rhyme I make you feel there's nothing to it
I flow like fluid with water when I drip
It's Frankenstein insanicly with sophisticated shhh
I get deep then I creep inside your inner zone
The truth gets revealed everytime I hold chrome
Punked up, is that right, I'm quick to get the chef
Cause my sh- sounds fresh even on my first draft
Splatter then I watch your whole crew scatter
See I'm a fatter rapper every time you hear me spinnin' on the platter
Don't even question I'm just better
Do what I do on the D to the L
When I massive my craft you ain't even parallel
You can call your crew back and I'll call mine
And we can rendez-vous and get this shhh on about now
But you felt weak
Had no heart and got disturbed
You ain't brave just a slave without courage
Don't get excited it's not the quiet storm
But if you want black we can get it on

[Chorus x4:]
Don't get excited yo yo it's not the quiet storm
But if you want black we can get it on
[Verse 2: Static]

Static and Franke Anno -back in the house-
Y'all want no part in this
We terror-tennis and reverred embrace and rip your partiledge (?)
You talkin' it and soon'll be known as dearly departed
Dreamin' ni-az get the finger
Followers get red-parted
With the senses like Jehovah rap crews is mediocre
Like the lis'
Intoxicating airwaves so stay sober
Feel the weight upon my shoulders
>From the burden hip-hop is being taken over
Like Sammy's done in coffeeshops
Kid you not
I got to drop one in the streets with no essentials
Some joints is ill
We lovers we can bust instrumentals on tracks
Feature artists formerly known as wack
Plus they still wack I'm tryin' to find a way to reach your contract
So hope that
Two to your dome
So show your skills
Ain't nothin' personal black I don't get down like that
But if you wanna react
"Bring it on back"

[Chorus x4]