ShaLaLi LaLa Testo

Testo ShaLaLi LaLa

Chorus: SHA LA LA SHA LA LI LA LA Let's go out and have some fun SHA LA LA SHA LA LI LA LA There's a party going on SHA LA LA SHA LA LI LA LA Ain't no use to sit around SHA LA LA SHA LA LI LA LA Let us get out of the ground 1.Verse When you're down and you need to feel somebody just call on me and I'll be by your side it's a fact, we'll always help each other we are so happy when we meet 1.Bridge We always do so many different things that had made me feel we are special kind of friends [Chorus] This is Fresh Paint ! 2.Verse Here's a song to clear up all your troubles Come sing this happy joyful song with me We are friends, let's clap our hands together That's all we ever wanna be 2.Bridge We get along so splendourly Let's not sit around and just waste our time [Chorus] 3.Bridge I konow that erverything will be alright just as long we stick together we are united just like family sharing everything together [Chorus]