Beyond Glory And Honor Testo

Testo Beyond Glory And Honor

We'll break these hands of time we'll march for sake of faith for the love of our pride and we'll get things right this time cause we're not looking back and our fears pushed aside we'll bleed all your wrongs from our lives we must be fearless, we will breakdown these walls and we must burn the lies, that tore our world apart we will rebuild our time and we must burn the lies that tore our lives apart

I have not died in vain, this cause for which we gave, our lives to prove our worth, and gain back the respect we deserve in time we'll right these wrongs and forget all thats lost through the smoke we'll clear the path, regain the pride we had 2x
we seek beyond the desires of life, our honor reigns besides the glory that befalls us . these nights will live beyond our time. Our discontent, set aside from majority,
that will serve as our standard noncompliance.our fury will burn beside you're lies,
we wont give into you. Theres' no stopping now, theres no turning back we back down from no one, we strive for this respect