I'll Save Face, You Say Grace Testo

Testo I'll Save Face, You Say Grace

And I watched the sun pour over my face
As we walk alone I'll wait for you to say grace
But I'm traveling along the road I paved within the limits of...

..this bedroom
I will wait to torch and lace
So I can save some face
I'm out of time
I watched you give it up
And give it all away

It's something like this
(my eyes roll to the back of my head)
It's feeling like a dark and stormy night
And I can't resist
(my hands find their way to your neck)
I'm feeling sociably inadequate

And I felt the weight come down on my arms
As I thought about all the things wrong with my life
As I took my arms and let them pressure in

And I wonder why I let myself give up
And let you back this time
And I'm down on my knees that are scraping
Just to let you know you're right