I Hate Homosexual Metalheads Testo

Testo I Hate Homosexual Metalheads

You think that you are extreme
but you are only a peace of shit
Take away tour spikes and crosses
and your extremism will gone
Your black clothes scare
the grandmas, but not me
You think you are different by others, a rebel
but you're only a stupid looser

You talk about hate and death
then you kiss your sweety girlfriend (whore)
You say that you're a misanthrope
but every fucked dumb here is your friend
You want to appear depressed
but the smile does not go away from your mouth
The purpose of your existence
is to attract the attention of the others

Dressed like a homosexual scum
for me you are an enemy
It will be great to come at one of your meetings with a Panzer
and blow your broken asses