Street Testo

Testo Street

Ayy you hear the pain soon as the beat come on
Thelonious man what the fuck you tryna do, get me to create the hood bible or somethin'? hold on, look
Humble Beast, uh huh

A street nigga like me at least, gotta keep it G at least
If I ain't standing on my own two, then I must be deceased
A street nigga like me'll be mostly dead or gone
But I'm at the stu, and when I lay this track I'm headed home
I been starving for this long
Keep the plate, I'll wait for the feast
Watch them eat in front of me, don't act like I ain't want a piece
Now all the birthdays and funerals they comin' to me
Everybody running to me, want somethin' from me
I'd be lying on this money, if I told you it meant something to me
But I'll still do what I can for you, if it's comfortably
And for me, out there in them trenches, it was ugly
Some of that pain still stuck with me
So that mean don't you fuck with me
Street niggas, where they be?
Nowhere else but the streets
Only place some niggas been besides the block was custody
In the richest nation ever, that's just so fucked up to me
I'ma show my dogs the world, if they can put they trust in me
Clutch the heat, even when I'm dolo ain't no touching me
Niggas see me all the time, I know don't even fuck with me
Say what they gon' do but don't walk up to me, they ain't street
I heard you did that right there 'bout fo'nem house, naw that ain't me
All apartments, never had a house 'til I moved mama out
Racist neighbors, that's the only drama now
Told her what I do for you, you owe it to my sister, ma ain't nothin' free
Besides the fact life get harder, everything lovely
They movin' in a bigger crib right up the street, you know me
Same Herb, just a triple-double-G
Still got some G Fazo's right here on my fucking feet
Honor Hov, study Kiss, I fuck with Meek
Street nigga like me, shit I be like fuck the streets
Ain't got no love for me
Took everybody I love from me
Ain't never did none' for me
200K I can make in a day
Still gotta keep a gun with me
Know I'm on point if they run up on me
Man that shit ain't no fun for me
'Member I was leaning, niggas almost had me
Really though they had us, but his pistol jammed up
Made us youngins man up, gun up, run my bands up
Just did a news interview 'cause they don't understand us
Why I gotta tote my heat? I be on BET
You don't wanna see me free, be great, can I do me
A street nigga like me at least, always wanna see you eat
Even if we got some beef, come get face to face with me
Yeah I'm right here at the top, come get face to face with me
And you guys get to some guap, you gon' be any place with me
I flex every chance I get, still humble but that don't mean shit
Bankrolls on me and Rip
Hollow tips in his stick
Hit the stage, lights on, now I'm lit
Probably three, four thousand for my fit
Off the Percs geeked, wylin' and shit
Fuck around, get violent quick
Go'n 'head, make 'em mad real quick
Post up on the 'gram with my bitch
Player nigga, I be chillin' with her, 'cause I fucked 'em all
Especially Chicago, she know I slutted y'all
I'm just tryna live, go out, eat, can't do that at all
Know I love the fans, I get rushed in every other mall
Street niggas should always wanna be bigger
You satisfied with thousands you a cheap nigga
Satisified living off his guys, that's a leech nigga
Heard he set his goals off satisfaction, yeah that's me nigga
If he satisfied with clothes and hoes that's a weak nigga
I'm just a street nigga, I'm an extraordinary thinker
I'm a three pecenter
I'm like a prophet, I know magic, I could speak a picture
I make harsh decisions, but I'm smart and listen
I'm a killer, I'm that nigga, I'm just me nigga, I'm everything
I can't let nobody label me nigga
I go and meet the label, like I'm from the label
I brought cake and bagels
How I'm so discreet and got the gat, that's how I'm able
I got married to the streets and let her drive me crazy
Know she had affairs with me, can't let go my wedding ring
Whole world dying for the truth, I'm here to save it
The youth dying 'cause it ain't shit to do, we gotta save 'em
You in the streets and die tonight, who gon' be there to raise 'em?
Not the streets nigga, this for the street niggas
You a street nigga, you like me ain't you
This for the street niggas, 'cause you a street nigga
This for the street niggas, you like me ain't you