Front Porch Lounger Testo

Testo Front Porch Lounger

Front Porch Lounging
With my eyes on the prize
just sitting round strummin' guitar
wasting time.
Now I'm fish in the water
Swimming all the seven seas
Lots of people throw their nets
But they can't catch me
And I know if things go my way
it just a matter of time
So nothing left for me to do
But stay like the altitude and get high, so high.
My fingers sticky like Spiderman,
And here's a quintessential part of my master plan.
Stay blue like the sky
And if my luck changes
it's about that time.
And I know if thing goes my way
it might not be too soon
So nothing left to do but jam
An afternoon on the stoop
while my foot stomps a loop
And the whole world revolves

Problem solved.
And I know that if things go my way
Well it's about that time
So let me rise like the sun
And just shine go for mine.
Rewind and playback another funky hot track
Cause my record consoles
Stacked with ten sides cause I'm like that.
Lemonade I'm drinking
Sinking into this music
Like some country blues,
Abyssinians grooves puts me in the state of mind now
I'm zoning.
check the phone off the hook
And cook some Thai noodles for you

and I'm going where the summer never ends
Yes I'm going where the summer never ends

And I know if I play my cards right
I'll get some loving tonight
That's why I chilled the wine
And put the glasses on ice
And put the baby boo boo to bed,
Lay your head
And I know if the last summer sun
Sets pink tonight and the stars come out
And the vibes all right
it's just a lil daydream
But I really can't pretend
And I hope someday I find a place
Where summer never ends.

and I'm going where the summer never ends
Yes I'm going where the summer never ends