Effed Up Testo

Testo Effed Up

It's effed up when a girl treat's you bad
and later on you find out she's doing bad
an deep down inside that makes you feel glad
it's effed up and I don't wanna be like that
it's effed up and I don't wanna be like that
it's effed up and I don't wanna be like that

yo I met a fine girl by the name of Kay
Babygirl was sharper than a razor blade
so I pushed up and I made my way
Hit it off great started datin' Kay
(yo) she didn't even really make me wait
Put me in a lovely kind of sacred state
Thinking of a wedding and a cake to bake
Suddenly it started going wrong
She started coming home more late and late
I was chillin' at the bar to make a great escape
seen her posted up with my homie Blake no way
Furious I started going ape And kay
told me that I just had to take the ache
Left me standing there with my face disgraced
Took a while to get over the case with Kay
but you know a bro had to move on
Months later to the date seeing Kay
she had gained a massive ton of weight today
she told me what she did was a great mistake
Loneliness depression was a steak she ate
Told her everything would be okay just stay
positive and things will be okay but hey
funny as I walked away from Kay
Inside my head I heard this little song
it went


Knew a gold digger by the name of Pam
used to tell me that I was her favorite man
travelled with her everywhere, LA to France
Europe and Brazil, all the way to Japan
I said it's nothing, I'm a money-making man
showered her with gear, all her favorite brands
I took her to the club so she could shake her ass
suddenly it start going wrong
Scuffled at the job, had to take a stance
Fired on the spot, tough break my man!
called up with my problems to relate to Pam
all I heard was click and then the tone
She told me I could go ahead and take my damn
self and go another place away just scram
It took a while to get over the case with Pam
But I got to keep pursuing money
Months later with my paper stacked
One day just around the way seen Pam
She looked like she was living in a paper bag
all alone and pregnant all her days went bad
going crazy losing mental space real fast
she put her story out so she could take a drag
gave her a dollar as I walked away from Pam
Inside the song I heard a little song!