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Oodoop (stidamalood)?

Yo yo
Same thing on the scene we never changing on the street really ain't that much
Fiending and I'm craving for the freedom of creativity that comes
From escaping into being undertaking the allegiance down under
And the way these lyrics be leaving you
Take you to a realm of astounding wonder
On the threshold of a less known way to get goin on a super rhyme style highway
Window let em see there to appear but I really don't care I'm a do this my way
Today find a new way to play with a few cadences I'm a parlay
This space and I'll still pace wait til the verses reveal they self then I'm on my way
Many thoughts I'll lay
Many me cloned
MC's talk but they all are sayin
The exact same thing
The exact same things
And [? ] the exact same way
And I wanna take a nap when I'm hearin that crap
Just getting on past his pay
I'm a make a new path through the math
Let's see how it sounds when I rap this way

Keep travellin'
Oodoop stidamalood [x8]

All aboard
Do it like it's never been done
Or at least try to come
With enunciation
Just tryin to have fun
With a travellin hunt
For the style that you want to call forth
Take it farther
Why do you stall
I can see through all of your walls
In a box no longer got no limitations restraints or pauses at all
I have one destination called far
If you listen close it could alter
Your perception of what you think dope is
I'm a free mind and will leave you incarcertated
All sedated
Get a clear mind when the fog is faded
In the days of the sleep we all awaken
Maybe then you could check out what I saw
And keep on travellin...

Keep travellin
Oodoop stidamalood [x8]

Oodoop stidamalood
19 miles ahead of your thoughts
Best [? ] mic skills better your [? ]
Hear I come, ready or not
[? ]
Been there, done that
Before blast off just ready to launch
E2M settin it off
Gettin it on
Just spittin [? ]
And hittin you all with
Vision and always
Shittin on all your limits
And laws

Keep travellin
Oodoop stidamalood [x2]

Keep venom in ya'll
Just keepin me going

For us too much just isn't enough

Too much just isn't enough... [x8]

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba