Richman, Poorman Testo

Testo Richman, Poorman

He wanders and roams through the streets and resides in an abandoned home
Panhandles for dough standin in the chow line with a stench on his clothes
And he travels in a boxcar
Used to dream about livin like a rock star
And he carries no pass
Where he jots art down to a piece time passin' as his thoughts form
But he smiles as he strolls
He appreciates the sunlight shinin'
The glow of the moon
Every breath that he takes is a gift
Takin' in every place that he roams as anew
Wait to see where his freedom lies
Funny thing you can see freedom in his eyes
Give him shelter, food, clothing
And he feels like he's rich
Cause he knows it's a blessing just to be alive

(We are the one to enter light)?
(Please we all don't argue this life)?

He's got everything in life
Any man could want, could buy
Anything in sight
He takes trips with his wife
Far away destinations
To cities that he likes
He owns buildings and property
Expensive cars
And he ain't about modesty
Designer suits and the diamonds on his watches be
Shinin' so bright they be blindin' the eyes if you see 'em
But not everything you spot
Is as it seems to be
Inside there's a dark side
When he screams and he shouts
And his wife wears her shades
To hide away her dark eyes
And he hardly ever smiles
And he's so cold
Read his pupils
You would swear he has no soul
All his friends
Are the dead presidents
And he's dead like them
Cause his spirit is corroding

(We are the one to enter light)?
(Please we all don't argue this life)?

I guess everyone would ride in a Benz
Rather than a bucket
Anyone reside
In a crib nestled in the hill
And just to get by
In a studio apartment
And live a better live

But don't all cars get you there?
And don't all shelter keep the rain from in your hair?
And ain't lobster and tuna both protein?
And is the price of your shoe a protection fee?
And ain't it all just for the next man to see
And can you take it all with you when your spirit leaves
And when you're gone
Will the people all remember what you had
Rather than who you were when you're mentioned