Pain Testo

Testo Pain

Pain Uhh... I know how it is to feel so bad, i know how it is to be missunerstood, I know how it is to be not loved... Its a felling that i never want to feel again, But somebody told me that pain doesn't hurt when its everything, you've ever felt. I know that tahs not true! Pain is Pain... Never its won't hurt you. but what are we without pain? but love is pain! so we can't live without it. cause everybody wants to be loved! everything s better without love? everything is better without pain? Everything is better without you??? I don't believe it! But I love you you don't love me... so love is pain... i will ever love you... so i will ever live in pain... with pain... with hurts... but without you... You won't love me... so i don't want t live!