My Black Dog / Cosmic Being Testo

Testo My Black Dog / Cosmic Being

Nobody gives a shit anymore.
The things you're laying down are much too heavy on me.
Fuck that sinking feeling.
I've been crawling on my back these past few weeks.
(I'm skipping out on it every other night.)
Fuck dude, there's a black dog chewing on my neck.
I think I’m suffocating.
(We tied a knot around.)
I’m always running through a tunnel.
Heavy-hearted in stride.
But I stopped holding my breath.
There was no light in sight.
Keeping busy and my mind off being alone
but it seems that's all I ever really want these days.
And just then you let the sun in and I stared at it for way too long.
And now I’m blind.
Can't see nothing wrong with what you're doing to me.
(Summer came and we all moved away.
Don't get excited by the things that people say.
I tried to warn you.)
Can you feel the distance?
Can you feel the growth?
Can you feel the warmth coming from my lies?
(In his car.
In your car.
Oh my god.
Black hole.)