Suck Brick Kid Testo

Testo Suck Brick Kid

Another Tuesday night, Camilo and I
Are on the verge of spilling out our guts
We are story makers, but there is no fiction here
These are those kind of nights
That I will never mention to my kids
Because I want them to find out themselves;
The right way to live
On their own
With no sense of direction
And I know they'll be better off
Without a promise of tomorrow
Its the way we see it
Or maybe I'm just seeing things the way I shouldn't
I'll never know
The night has yet to end
So, I will stick with being me
And you can be yourself
Now that's the way we see this
We're just getting older, a little wiser
But whats that have to do with the moment
Don't let it go
I'll never let it go
Who's on the wheel?
Who's taking us home?
Hey, if we've got no ride tonight
We'll just walk with streetlights
Until my shoes are torn to shreds
Here's to the years that I'll never forget
Here's to the years spent with my friends
Now I think I've found the right way to live