The Golden Age Testo

Testo The Golden Age

I blend these colors and shades
Paint only the simple things and spend my time regurgitating lines
Spewing them out my insides
I swear it's only these few practiced words I'm good at and now I'm
Tongue tied again
I've been trying to remember those nights
When all I had was $1.75 and the gaslight was screaming at me
I never saw the sunset in the west but it's all the same
And if I could spend one more minute with you I wouldn't do it again
I won't do it again because when you're on that plane
I'm not seated, I'm not sitting next to you.
Remember when I said, “California isn't safe enough for the two of us”
She says “The earth will eat us all into the bay”
And that's what she said, so face it