Complacent Testo

Testo Complacent

complacent with a cheap trick puts me to bed by 10:00
to hell with "i miss you"s, let's get back to the "where the hell have you been?"
40 minutes on an unlit step it's evident that you're not so... becoming
we can say that it will work out but do we know exactly what "it" it?
your dope could get us more than wasted, we coudl be in touch
would you have me back to your place or are you still afraid that your friends might be there?
if you expect to see me waiting at the end of your 4 years
dont be disappointed when i'm not i've had this figured out
i might be at the end of number 5 but if you want to turn and see my cry,
i'm hid around the corner
you could tag me your crazy boy
you could rape me, i'm nothing but your precious
and i'll make myself a hypocrite to somehow justify when i laughed at you
what started with just one drag would end with me smoking alone
and that 20 box of quick splash it left us both with coffee stained teeth
and who could ever kiss those