Monologue For Watching It Rain In Dekalb Testo

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Testo Monologue For Watching It Rain In Dekalb

all this reason demands an action in truth
with all this talk on arriving are you leaving so soon?
last night i had a dream and you were right there with me. we're not afraid to not forget
this time my djarm has gone too far and burned our fingertips.
this time i'm reaching over my torn side
she pieces me together
peacefully i watch as she passes to me passing in or passing out
lets set our hearts on fire
i'll hold your hand: you hold my breath
this time i'm opening up the floodgate to drown us in my winded shells
but until the rain stops being so cold, i can't give you the code
last night i went back to the place where i broke that trust
all the streetlights were broken
you know, my shadows have a rough time keeping up in the dark
because they're always making out with my bad luck (and all the trees were gone)
i hoped to make my peace tonite, so isaid my peace and smoked the whole way home
i walked with two closed hands knowing one must drop,
because your heart's more important than this liar