Liar Testo

Testo Liar

I hate the way that you look at me
Like I'm nothing but crap on your shoe
I hate your face, I hate that phony grin
Your conformist ideals and your views
I've had enough of all your shit
I'm up to here with all your lies
It's impossible to hate the way I do
I've had it with your ways
I hate your narrow-minded crap
I hate myself for hating you

Not what you seem
Imitation, devastation, applied!
Just make believe
Contradiction, my conviction, die!

It's like you know what I'm all about
When showing your thoughts down my throat
I hate your crap, couldn't care no less
For those biased ideas you promote
I see red when you're around
I get a bad taste in my mouth
I cringe when you so much make a sound
I will never be like you
You're just a puppet on a string
I love myself for hating you

[Lead 1 & 2: Fredrik]
[Lead 3 & 4: Daniel]