Clap Your Hands Testo

Testo Clap Your Hands

Yeh, you know it yeh
Detroit City
Guilty Simpson, clap it up y'all
Beats at will, yeah

[Verse 1:]
I don't really care what squad you wit
Cause a real nigga don't need sponsorship
And a posse don't make me hard
I'm a leader so I gotta play these cards and face these odds
Ain't no time to chase these broads
Tryin to get paper to create these jobs
And it's a fact when you're black that you don't know how to act
when your bellybutton's touchin your back, yeah
That's why a lot of us fuck with the crack
Cause it's the easiest way to double your stacks
And all the hoes scream "Where the hustlers at?"
Usually the pretty chick with the bubble in back
Word to Dilla dawg I'ma get it all
Combination safe behind the picture on the wall
Even though moms raised me right
I swear to God rap shit saved my life

Yeah, all the people in the back sippin 'gnac
We representin for y'all niggaz, do it! ("clap your hands")
C'mon, it's a party
("You and you and you to clap your hands") Everybody
All my people with the drinks in your cups
Turn the muh'fuckers up and go nuts

[Verse 2:]
My mood swings like pendulums; I got two birds
One's a middle finger and trust me that's the friendly one
Because my Desert Eagle will kill all who envies him
We transport info quicker than Pentiums
I'm gutter, what I'm spittin is classic
So walk on eggshells or I bury you bastards
I rep the D, so when you speak about me
I'm the letter between C and E
In fact I'm the one between 3 and 3
With a smokin gun commitin B and E's
And I don't fake at all, all I can be is me
And if you don't like it I dare you to get excited
Detroit nigga my area is the tightest
The raps come easy, live it see it and write it
Drug war shoutout mentally sick men
Naturally my breed's equipped with thick skin