Words Of The New Prophet Testo

Testo Words Of The New Prophet

"I've come to show the world the way."

"But you're about to mislead them all.
Your words they drip with ruin."

"I've come to show the world the way."

"You've shown them nothing of what you think.
One day you'll eat your words."
"How can this be? I speak the truth."

"You speak your own truth in vain.
You'll eat your words.
I swear, one day you'll eat your words.
Using my name to slander theirs.
How does that show integrity?
Ride your plank to rivers end.
Because of you these rivers run red.
Flowing from a war that's blood on blood.
Love is patient, but I guess it's time has run out.
It's all conditional.
Who put you in the position to cast judgment?
There is two sides to every story.
So do not judge the walk unless you step foot in those shoes.
There is nothing complex about this.
The fire that burned this bridge down
Was caused by the sparks from your mouth.
Ignorance has plagued your mind, and now there is no going back.
You can't go back.
If you could see the world through my eyes,
Then you would know love, this love, you've lost."